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District VII Solo and Ensemble 2021

District VII Honor Band 2021- Six students in participation 

Large Group Performance Evaluation 2021

Marching Band 2020- "It's Not the Destination, It's the JOURNEY" 

Separate Ways; Don't Stop Believin'; Anyway You Want It 

Marching Band 2019- "Chess: A Game of Revolution"

Large Group Performance Evaluation 2019

           Symphonic Winds- Straight Superior Ratings

                     The Trombone King; Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo; Abram's Pursuit

           Concert Band- Excellent Rating

                     Pride and Glory March; Nimrod: from Enigma Variations; Prairie Dances

Paulding County Honor Band 2019- Twenty-nine students in participation

District VII Honor Band 2019- Four students in participation 

Georgia Music Educator's Association In-service Conference - Clarinet Choir lobby performance

Marching Band 2018 - "Wrath and Redemption

           Mozart Requiem; Nessun Dorma; Verdi Requiem; Salvation is Created; Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Finale

           Competitions: Superbowl of Sound (All Superior Ratings; First in Class AA)

                                    Legacy of Champions (All Superior Ratings; Second in Class AA)

DISTRICT VII SOLO AND ENSEMBLE 2018 - All superior ratings

PAULDING COUNTY HONOR BAND 2018 - Twenty-one students in participation


            Symphonic Winds - Straight Superior Ratings

                       Our Flirtations March; Rhosymedre; Folk Dances

            Concert Band - Straight Superior Ratings

                        Darklands March; The Southern Dawn; Electricity (Race Around the Circuit)

GEORGIA ALL-STATE BAND 2018 - Two students in participation

DISTRICT VII HONOR BAND 2018 - Three students in participation

MARCHING BAND 2017 - "Dream On"

            Into the Clouds; Pure Imagination; and Dream On by Aerosmith

     Competitions: Superbowl of Sound (All Superior Ratings in Drum Major, Colorguard, Percussion, and Band; First in Class AA)

            Legacy of Champions​


            Wind Symphony – Straight Superior Ratings

                        The Orange Bowl March; Loch Lomond; Urban Dances

            Symphonic Band – Superior Rating

                        Mad Dash; Seal Lullaby; Joy Revisited

            Concert Band – Superior Rating

                        New Century March; Slane; Fire Dance


DISTRICT VII HONOR BAND 2017 – Six students in participation


DISTRICT VII SOLO AND ENSEMBLE 2017 – All superior ratings


PAULDING COUNTY HONOR BAND 2017 – Thirty-five students in participation


MARCHING BAND 2016 – “Any Way the Wind Blows”

            Wild Nights; Variations on a Theme by Paganini; and Bohemian Rhapsody

     Competitions: Yellow Jacket Invitational, Peach State Marching Festival


            Wind Symphony – Excellent Rating

                        Americans We; Bloom; Colorado Peaks

            Symphonic Band – Superior Rating

                        Coast Guards March; Whispers; Critical Mass

            Concert Band – Spirit of America March; In the Shining of the Stars; Rites of Tamburo


DISTRICT VII HONOR BAND 2016 – Twelve students in participation


DISTRICT VII SOLO AND ENSEMBLE 2016 – All superior ratings


PAULDING COUNTY HONOR BAND 2016 – Thirty students in participation


MARCHING BAND 2015 – “Enchanted”

            Movement I – The Escape

            Movement II – The Journey

            Movement III – The Discovery

            Movement IV – The Adventure

            Movement V – The Promise

     Competitions: BOA Powder Springs, Legacy of Champions, Lafayette Marching Classic, BOA Atlanta



            Wind Symphony – Superior Rating

                        British Eighth March; Pageant; Festiva Jubiloso

            Symphonic Band – Superior Rating

                        Newcastle March; Nevermore; Reverberations

            Concert Band – Superior Rating

                        Conquista March; Synergies; Rampage


MARCHING BAND 2014 – “Rite”

     Competitions: Peach State Marching Festival, Georgia Contest of Champions

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