Spirit Table - Jessica Busby


Chaperones/Volunteer Coordinator - Angela Cammarano-Moses

Coordinating volunteers for games, competitions, practice, water, Meet/Greet visiting bands.


Color Guard - Jennifer Farrell

Communications/Webmaster - Mike Bass

Website, social media, etc.


Concessions - Dava Patterson & Vicki Smith

Responsible for providing concessions, upkeep & maintenance of concession stands, coordination of staffing for home games, keep accurate records (expenditures, collections and inventory), training, food safety and cleanliness.


Equipment/Pit Crew - Mike Bass

Organizes Pit Crew for each performance to load/unload trailer(s).  Oversees repairs, maintenance and improvement of band equipment when needed.



Fundraising - Jil McClung

Coordinates and executes fundraising activities throughout the year.


Paulding Meadows Arts & Crafts Festival - Tiffany Vaught

Please contact Jennifer Smith at  vp_2@prideofpaulding.com if you or a family member would like to volunteer.

Student Accounts - Jil McClung

 Works with Treasurer to maintain

 student band fee accounts, track

 payments and ensure payments to

 instructors for lessons provided.

Hospitality - Available

Coordinates food and setup of meals prior to away games.


Hospitality/Special Events - Amy Clayton

Coordinates food and volunteer support for events throughout the year.

Photography - Jennifer Farrell

Coordinates photography of students at all band events.

Props - Mike Zdunczyk

Coordinates and leads building of props needed for marching band show.


Uniforms (Concert Bands) - Joti Whited

Oversees and helps with fittings of concert band attire, assignment of attire to students, and assists with alterations.


Uniforms (Marching Band) - Joti Whited

Oversees and helps with fittings of marching band uniforms, assists with alterations, coordinates parents to help with uniform maintenance, and ensures uniforms travel with students for competitions.


YOU can help on virtually all committees.  

Please contact the Committee Chair to volunteer.

(Please contact president@prideofpaulding.com if you'd like to chair an open position.)

Committees with current Chairpersons