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Website Link:


Want to learn more about how Scrip works?  Watch this Scrip Explained Video Click this LINK, on these FAQs, or on this User Guide. Explore their website.  There's plenty of information and videos to explain this exciting and benficial program.


How to create a Family Account:


To create a Family Account, click on this LINK.  Each family wanting to make an account will need to get the Enrollment Code from the coordinator (


How to sign up for PrestoPay:


To sign up for PrestoPay, click on this LINK.  Once you sign up for PrestoPay, Scrip will send an email to the coordinator who will approve your account so it can be linked to the band.  If you haven't heard from me within a day, please send Josie Neal an email so she can make sure you get approved.


If you have other family members that want to join, please make sure I know who they are so I can approve them to join.  We only want to have members in our Scrip group who have the best interest of our kids in mind.




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